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17 February 2009 @ 12:57 am

I have made my account friends only so comment to be added :)

Credit to BM_shipper for the banner :)



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02 February 2009 @ 07:39 pm
Following instruction from

I decided to do the project 365 challenge so from here on in I am going to post a photo every day for a year :)



So I started yesterday

 I will be hosting them on flickr and the link is:


(enjoy :))

12 January 2009 @ 05:48 pm
The Sunrise Saga is over.. though not entirely as now I have outstanding wages... Which I'm concerned that I won't be paid for .. but will have to keep on about those...

I have finished my spiritual journey - as it were.. and have decided that trying to find myself at a young age is pretty silly.. I have spent the last year trying to make myself a better person without realising I didn't really need to.. I thought I could care for elderly people but discovered shortly afterwards that this most certainly was NOT for me..and after doing some research on UCAS, I have discovered that I can do a Law Degree at a uni in London without having to do a foundation course or anything, so next September, I am going to apply for Uni and in the meantime, work for my father's company.

Law has been my passion since I was young but dismissed the idea when I thought I wasn't smart enough. I thought nursing would be more in my eye line since I would be able to get into the schools with the grades I've got and because I thought I loved caring for people.. but it turns out, I hate caring for people, it's just not for me AT ALL!

Anyway so I'm much happier with this decision as it means I will get to do what I always wanted to do :) :)
07 January 2009 @ 02:06 pm


First of all it must be said that I still *heart* Yvette and Karl lots and lots :D :D 

Most Haunted last night was at New London Ledge Lighthouse in Conneticut, America.


Unfortunately the forumla of the show IS getting a tad tiresome :( Which is a shame cos I still love the program but it just seems like the same every week...

And as for sending off Stuart and Karl together - *ROLL EYES*
Cath wasn't as annoying this week - TBH she didn't get as much screentime as she usually does :S
Didn't listen/watch Brian's part again as was reading the Metro :D :D hehehe
No phenomena to report really .. was pretty mundande - a few whistles, other noises etc but nothing noteworthy... The door handle was hot.. that was a bit bizarre but easily explainable..

Right now that's out the way, I wanted to mention this supposed upcoming program In Bed with Yvette and Karl (and no it's not PORN!)...it's a backstage episode showing us what the couple do whilst preparing for Yvette's operation.. now it does sound quite interesting but bizarre all the same :S :S

Perhaps Most Haunted is on it's last legs?

'Matthew, I miss you so much it hurts to breathe, Anna." <<< the most heartbreaking sentence I've read for a long time - well seen cos it was on TV.. anyway pretty sure I blogged this last night as I was watching the funeral...

I still hate Anita Turning/Turner (whatever her name is) with a passion!! 


I don't really have much else to say today...

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06 January 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Testing my mood thingy cos it's not coming up :(
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06 January 2009 @ 07:12 pm

Tis a sad day in Emmerdale since it's Matthew's funeral (and for GOD's SAKE stop concentrating on ya stupid fecking stupid murder case and not spending any time on Matthew's funeral)

Ahh it makes me wanna cry thinking of the funeral..

Anyway part one is over and Anna just turned up to see off her love :( and Jimmy had the nerve to shout at her for coming!! erm well you know they were engaged!! GRRR!!


Anyway why does Carl keep crying for f*cks sake!? Does he feel guilty perhaps for the fact he inadvertantly caused his brother's death!!

However he did give a heartbreaking eulogy - "Matthew couldn't love again after the death of our mother, until he met Anna" (at which point the tears in her eyes were more than noticeable) "and you have to believe me when I say that he loved you, alot." (Poor Anna is now crying which is heartbreaking to watch :( )

I heart Anna so much (in a non gay way) - and I hearted Matthew too :( 


I shan't be watching Emmerdale anymore (only back episodes with them in) cos it no longer holds interest for me :(

Am still obsessed with Anna and Matthew as a couple though so my fanfictions will still carry on..

Now Anna has decided to f*ck off back to whereever she came from (Dubai I think) -- to her old company - hope that doesn't mean going back to Mark. I'm hanging onto the last shred of hope that it's really a life insurance scam and Anna will get onto a plane at the end and sit down next to him and say 'Hi', with a smile and they will ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after!! I'm hanging onto that last tiny shred of happiness!!


Awww Anna's little message on Matthew's flowers was just heatrbreakingly sad (Matthew, I miss you so much, it's hard to breathe, Anna) omg how sad :(


Anyway will have to just relive them through back episodes etc.

I am quite disturbed by what I thought Anna said to Carl in that she said she didn't believe him when he said Matthew loved her.. but I may have misheard- I hope I have cos any fan can see he loves her!


Anyway will update with my Most Haunted update tonight or tomorrow morning :)

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06 January 2009 @ 06:52 pm

Well it has been a weird year I have to say ... There have been major ups, and major downs... (more of the latter but never mind)...

The Sunrise Saga continues and I no longer work in Esher.. Hopefully I will be working at the Weybridge branch instead, thanks to the wonderfully understanding Louise who is just fantastic for everythings she's doing :)  So hopefully me and Maria can salvage ourselves :)


Otherwise, am sad to leave Gail, Clare, Hannah and the others in Rem in Esher but since it was unlikely I would ever get up there, I think it was the right decision.

Right onto my MH Review of the week :) (OMG I almost missed it cos I didn't realise what day it was.. what is it about Christmas that makes us lose track of time??)

Anywho this week the team went to a castle in Scotland (the name of which alludes me as I wasn't paying much attention to the first part as reading something important)... it was a really creepy looking place.. but never mind that..

First off Leslie - I love you so much!! She's so cute when she gets scared and screams/cries. I think some may find her annoying for that, but I think she is fantastic :)

  • Cath on the other hand is starting to grate on my nerves.. and why does she and Karl keep cuddling ALL the time????
  • Stuart I'm sure is a nice enough guy and really funny (last week's spider moment was CLASSIC) but when he and Karl go off together, it just grates a little.. I love Karl to bits so I shan't say a word against him :P except he's being too OTP with Cath and not Yvette :(
  • Brian as always was a bit boring (but I tend to just do something else until his bits over cos he's okay in the vigils)
  • And the only other noteworthy part for me really was the door that slammed by itself on camera - that was pretty creepy!!


That's it for the MH review but here's some other news:

Jo is the most amazing person on the earth for supplying me with last weeks issue of OK magazine which contained a lovely article full of lovely pictures of Emma Davies and Matt Healy - Who are the most amazing english people ever.. well... yeah.. Anyway I think they should get married.. they are too darn cute together on and off screen :) :D

I found out the other day that Matthew King's funeral will be the 6th January (A Tuesday I think) but the horrible news is Anna doesn't go.. well she turns up at the v last minute but I would have been so upset if she didn't go cos she was the only one who knew, understood and loved him, and vice versa. Anywho what pisses me off is that apparently Carl does a nice little Eulogy and tells everyone how much Matt loved Anna.. well for fucks sake! Why did you storm into their wedding, declare to everyone that they were gonna screw everyone over (which was so a lie) and then pretty much KILL his brother ..???? Carl King should have fucking died instead and taken that dog of a girlfriend Lexie with her!! (Who in turn could have taken Scarlet with her but that's another story).

I think that's all for now.. but I may update during the week if anything interesting happens (regarding the Sunrise Saga probably)..

Ta Ta xx

06 January 2009 @ 06:51 pm

Well since my Most Haunted weekly reports went a little to pot I thought I'd do a general post cos I have kind of forgotten most of what happened and I haven't got time to watch them all again soooo:

  • Stuart and Karl need to stop doing lone vigils together!
  • Spider thing in Sleepy Hollow was V V V V funny!! Karl's laugh REALLY cracks me up!!
  • Karl needs to stop being all cutesy and OTP with Cath
  • Karl needs to be more cutesy and OTP with Yvette
  • Leslie is funny as usual
  • Brian was boring as usual

Anyway all in all, two okay episodes - nothing particularly fantastic but err wish I could have seen more of the spider antics.. hahah Karl really makes me laugh :D

Well my other obsession at the moment is Anna/Matthew from Emmerdale played by the WONDERFUL Matt Healy and Emma Davies :D:D 

I'm quite devestated that Matthew is dead and did he really have to be killed ON his wedding day IN his fiancees arms. Poor Anna :( :( They were by far the best couple in the program and forever will be.. It's weird cos up until a few weeks ago I hated Emmerdale but I fell in love with this couple cos they really are adorable. And well cos Matthew was a cold hearted man until he met the fantastic Anna :)

Annoyingly enough, I am a small time fan of Top Gear as the next person but when your father watches it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the sodding time it does get just a tiny bit boring.. especially when he complains that you watched Friends until it became thrashed to death ..well I'm sorry Father but you have by far thrashed Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear, Cars in general, ANY cop program in existence, to death so much so that when I have to watch them (which is every night since he seems to think he owns the fucking telly) I want to hang myself or slit my wrists or something.. and some may argue that I could simply leave the room but why should I??? it's my fucking house too and I would like to sit in my own living room.. Again people may argue that it's one hour etc a week.. but really it's not.. my dad will watch any kind of these programs EVERY night.. and then has the fucking cheek to complain when I ask to watch The Royal on a Sunday and MH on a Tuesday... GRRRRRRR!! For Fucks Sake.

Anywho onto the other news of the week:




This Xmas was fab :D and did well for myself :) 


Was a bit weird cos Sister wasn't here and it felt a bit odd but soon got over it lol.

I got:

  • a PS2 and about 8 games :D :D :D :D
  • Ripley's Believe it or Not 2009
  • Lots of sweets :D 
  • Sex and The City Movie
  •  Triops (cos I can't keep sea monkies alive)
  • John Barrowman (kidding lol)
  • David Tennant Calender (WAHOO!!!)
  • David Tennant Biography
  • Most Haunted series 9
  • Pom Pom Craft kit (I heart Poms)
  • OC tin Board Game
  • OC scene it
    And some more small bits :)


06 January 2009 @ 06:51 pm

I am singlehandedly trying to revive the interest in Most Haunted lol so here are some pointers about tonight's epi from Western Virginia Penetentiary (can't spell that for shit!) Prison in USA..

First off: I got an email from antix saying that Yvette was definately NOT leaving MH so some dickhead is trying to piss off a lot of fans!!

First things first  - I heart Yvette's pretty dress at the start of the epi!! V cute! I dont think I've seen her in a dress for like well ever hahaha.. but yeah it was v pretty. I also liked her necklace but got excited cos from a far off shot, it looked like the same necklace as me hahah but no
:( I also noticed that she only had one ring on .. from what it looked like anyway.. which then made me worry that her and Karl were going through problems :O :O :O!!! But then I remembered this was filmed DURING Living With Karl and Yvette and they seemed perfectly lovey dovey by the end of that..

Anyway in terms of phenonema - vv cute! but I feel Bryan is still a let down and I really want David (or even Johnny or Barrie) back cos he was superly cool!! He only seems to be able to come up with stuff that is pretty neutral .. but anyway I'm giving him a chance so I'll skip over my criticisms of him for this week... I also thought Ciaran's experiments were a LITTLE cruel!! Especially since I noticed he didn't take part in EITHER of them!! But the cell one was fecking scary!! I felt sorry for Yvette and Leslie when they started crying (for those who didn't watch they were all forced in the dark into their own cells in the same manner as if they were actual prisoners etc) and Karl was all worried... Weird thing was there was no response from Karl or Stu when Yvette called them...

Karlagression: Karl was once again agressive.. although more passive this week as he simply told Yvette to go away and that he needed some time to himself .. however I feel this has more to do with the startling idea of someone having spent all their life in this hopeless little cell, than a paranormal happening as it were...

BatCam: HAHAHAH!! Stu and Karl being chased by a bat - Priceless!! Especially when they thought it would turn into dracula and come and get them!! HAHAH!!

VigilCam - Not many vigils happening tonight - I think I've gotten too used to the lives and them being so long that it feels weird watching a standard episode.. but yeah so there was only a few .. but they were pretty good. Leslie always makes me laugh! I heart Leslie!! She is fast becoming one of my favourites (and behind Karl and Yvette, she is) cos she is so FAB!!

And because I'm a lunatic romantic shipper and love the MHOTP here is my OTP moment of the week:

Yvette getting scared on the walk around and running over to Karl, hiding her face in his T-Shirt  before he sweetly put his arm around her. AWWW! Squee!!

I'm aware that anyone reading this is gonna think I'm a total fruit cake hahahah!!

Anyway I have to get up for work tomorrow so this is my little update for tonight, I may update tomorrow with more detail... I'll see how much I remember hahahaha!!

Until then, Sleep Tight!